Toronto #3

Well, that’s more like it! After a slightly less than productive week that had been mostly focused on job hunting, there’s thankfully a lot more to write about for this week’s blog.

While Monday and Tuesday were pretty quiet, Wednesday at least got me out of the house for an interview with a job agency. Not only was it incredibly refreshing to talk to someone face to face about a job or my previous work experience, rather than over the telephone or by email, but it was also a great excuse to go downtown and see more proof of how gorgeous the city is.

Thursday was at least equally busy, as I had finally moved into my new place. It’s a lovely little place, and my new housemates have been really great and welcoming.

On Friday, I got out of the house again for an appointment with an organization that could supposedly help my job search that was quite a trek to get to, before discovering that there was another site much nearer to where I now live that could help me, before discovering later on that actually, since I wasn’t a permanent resident, they couldn’t help me properly with my job search. Still, I made sure to apply for a few more jobs online, plus I was also called regarding a possible job offer from the agency. Short term, but a start, at least.

Yesterday at least was definitely an improvement. My new housemates had invited me to a kind of modern art exhibition spread all over the downtown area. Like a lot of modern art I’ve seen, it wasn’t always something I got, but it was always interesting to watch. Mixed in with more classical art at a museum plus pizza and drinks, and overall it proved to be a really classic night. Here’s hoping I get to write about many, many more while I’m here!



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