Toronto #4

Ah, to finally type with a keyboard again! For the first 3 weeks of my stay, I’ve mainly been using a small tablet for my typing, and I can’t say I was a fan of it.While there was a keyboard on the screen, as a touch-typist, I really missed the feel of having actual keys under my fingers, especially as they just make it easier to know what I’m typing without needing to look down. The auto-correct picking the wrongs words I was typing up didn’t help a lot, either.

Finally though, I have access to a computer, which means I can not only job hunt and write up my own personal blog much more easily, but I can also work on a few other projects, such as writing articles for Doctor Who Watch and finishing off a script for a friend.

Job wise, I’m afraid to say there’s not much to report there. I’ve registered with a couple more agencies this week, and I was even able to arrange an interview with one agency last week. From my interviews so far, I seem to have the right amount of experience and skills that employers are looking for, so it’s only a matter of time, really.

Other than the job hunt, not much to report. The weather’s still really nice here, although I know that’s going to change very soon. I’ve hung out with my house mates a couple of times, and next week there’s one or two awesome things I’ve got planned that I’m excited about, which I’ll write up about next week.

I will add that, coming to the end of my first full month living in Toronto, it’s been quiet overall, but, with moving in, making new friends, and applying for work every day, still productive, at least. I’m close to living here a whole month – here’s hoping I can make it at least a full year!

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