Toronto #5

Ok, there is definitely a lot to get through this week, so I’ll take it day by day.

Monday was really great, as I got to experience my first Thanksgiving ever. One of my housemates invited me for a Thankgiving dinner with her family, and overall it was a really nice time. There was a lot of food, which I was more than happy about, and the family was really welcoming.

I got to learn a lot, particularly how popular British comedies seem to be over here. (Not only was the legendary Fawlty Towers referenced, but even obscure comedies like Mind Your Language were mentioned, which even I had only barely heard of!) Also, apparently ketchup with eggs (something that’s usually pretty standard for me, especially when eaten as part of a fried egg sandwich) is looked on as a bad thing by some families. Who knew?

img_00581On Wednesday, me and the housemates went to see Cirque du Soleil. Bloody hell, that was a fantastic show! What I especially enjoyed was that it a really great mix. There were plenty of amazing acrobatics, but there was also quite a bit of comedy thrown in too, and the design of the show was really quite amazing to see. My favourite act was probably the contortionist moving his body in a way that was seriously painful to watch. (I’ll be honest, I do enjoy a challenging watch, hence my love of horror.)


Afterwards, we went to Smoke’s Poutinerie for my first taste of poutine. I wouldn’t have thought that chips and gravy mixed with cheese curds would work so well, but it was surprisingly nice, and just might have the level of salt I need to replace battered sausage and chips from back home.

Friday was another great night. I got to meet up with one of my online friends and finally see my first hockey game. I had to travel from Toronto to Oshawa to see it, so it was quite a trip. (It took me over 3 hours total to get there through a mix of buses and trains, and even leaving an hour earlier than recommended by Google maps, I still ended up being almost an hour late!)


It was worth it, though: not only were the seats really good, with us being lucky enough to get a front row view, but I finally understood why this was such a popular sport in Canada. Not only was it amazing to see how fast the players could go, but honestly, the violence at times was pretty shocking! Players would slam each other onto the floor or into the boards, hit each other with their sticks, but the real highlight was seeing two players take their gloves off and start an actual fight in the middle of the game!


Afterwards, we headed down to Buster Rhino’s, a nice little place with some great Southern BBQ food, plus a really great bar atmosphere. Not only was the food amazing (Poutine with brisket and really great BBQ sauce that was just fantastic), but there was also a band playing some really great blues music.


It was strange, hearing it – it kind of made me feel a little homesick, as I knew my dad would absolutely love to hear the music I heard that night, but at the same time, it also made me glad I had come here, as I knew it was already going to be a classic memory. I had to head off rather quickly to the train station to catch the last train home (which I had only just barely caught), but overall, it was a fantastic night out, especially one with zero alcohol involved!

So that was my week. Absolutely filled with so many things that I wanted to try here in Canada – Thanksgiving, hockey and poutine – all in one week! I can’t promise that I’ll have half as much to discuss every week, but honestly, I think coming here has been worth it for this week alone. Here’s hoping for many more awesome weeks to come!


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