Toronto #6

Whoops, almost forgot about this week’s blog! To be honest, there’s not really much to talk about, things are still pretty quiet here. More than anything, this week has been focused on job hunting.

Following a tip that my big sister gave me, there seem to be a lot of leads turning up for me, job wise. I’ve registered with another agency, and I’ve updated my resume so that it looks a lot better (it’s small but subtle things mostly, like changing the duties in my job description from present tense to past).

Most importantly, I’ve found out how important LinkedIn really is. I barely set up a profile when I moved here, so it was very low on detail. I’ve only found out a couple of days ago that actually, it’s a pretty important tool to have, job wise, at least. So I’ve spent the last couple of days building it up as much as possible. The only thing I need to do to really make it stand out is set up a professional looking profile picture, so hopefully, that can reduce the length of time before my next job even further.

I’ve had a haircut, a very neat one too. I really do miss my messy curls, but sometimes, you need to look good for that interview. Great, even.

Apologies that this week hasn’t been quite as interesting as last week. Once I do have a job and get settled in, rest assured, there’ll be plenty more interesting blogs to read. I guarantee it.

To those of you back home, loving and missing you all.

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