Toronto #11

Ugh. You know how I was planning on trying out improv in Toronto? Well, I’ve had to delay that, at least for a little bit. Along with not being quite able to afford it (at least, not in the same fortnight as seeing Steel Panther live and seeing Doctor Who at the cinema), there’s a lot of writing that I’ve needed to catch up on. It’s not as much as I would’ve liked – creative writing is so much more anxiety inducing than blogging, that’s for sure – but it’s a step up, at least.

I’ve also been enjoying Mr. Robot with my housemates. OK, I must admit – it really lives up to the hype. There were one or two twists that I saw coming from a mile away, but on the plus side, there were plenty more that I didn’t. Also, Rami Malek is fantastic in the lead role of Elliott. I can’t wait to watch season 2.

Outside of all that, I was able to sort out a birthday present for my best mate. It wasn’t as good as what she got me for my birthday, (or rather, made for me,) but I was still glad that I was able to get it sorted out, even from Canada. Next up: Christmas!

Rest assured, next week, I’ll have a lot more interesting stuff to talk about. Steel Panther and Doctor Who in the same week? Hell yes! Oh, one more thing: when I do see ‘The Power of the Daleks’ on the big screen, rest assured, I will be wearing the custom-made Doctor Who waistcoat that my best mate made for me. That thing is a work of beauty, and I’m eager to show it off to my fellow Canadians first chance I get!

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