Toronto #13

On Monday, I got to tick off one of the films that’s on my list of, “Classics That I Need to See on the Big Screen”. Yes, on Monday, I got to see Die Hard, the ultimate Christmas movie, at the cinema. I hadn’t even learned of it until literally the night before. And the best part? I got to see it for free.

28 years since it’s release (and a film that’s as old as I am), and the film hasn’t aged one bit. Well, ok, maybe some of the hairstyles and fashions have changed since that time, but it hasn’t lost any of its tension, thrills or even laughs. That’s one thing I noticed more when watching it as part of an audience: just how witty and brilliant the dialogue really is. “Mr. Takagi will not be joining us for the rest of his life.”

Of course, Alan Rickman was and always will be a key reason why Die Hard remains the classic that it is. His performance as Hans Gruber was perfect, from start to finish. Full of charm and wit, but still ruthless and dangerous. Rickman made that role his own, and watching the film again was another reminder of why 2016 sucks for taking him away from us far, far too soon. Still, at least many of his performances are still on film to be watched and enjoyed for future generations to come.

Throughout the week, I’ve was reading “Nineteen Seventy-four” by David Peace. The first volume in his Red Riding Quartet, it was one of the most absorbing and thrilling novels I had read in a long time. Dark and disturbing as hell, but incredibly readable. You can read my full review here.

On Friday, after finishing the book, I immediately rushed to get volumes 2 and 3 in the series. (Of course, the only reason I didn’t get volume 4 was simply that it wasn’t available.) I’m excited to read them, especially as each book focuses on a different protagonist. I’ll let you know how each of the following books are in future reviews.

Saturday was pretty fun. I got to meet up with a mate and head to “Toronto Fan Days Holiday Show”. It was pretty good. Small, but still great to see tons of merchandise in one place, and more importantly, get another good excuse to wear my Doctor Who waistcoat again. It was also cool to see tons of other people in costumes there, too. Afterwards, I had planned to add something else to write about by heading off to the pub I went to last week, but I had been so worn out by so much walking that, by the time I got back home, I had pretty much passed out!

So this week was quieter than last, but still rather fun. I don’t know what this week will bring (other than snow), but hopefully, I’ll find something else to blog about, even if it’s something like the “Bleak Midwinter” (I’ll let you guys know what that is next week). In the meantime, stay awesome, everyone!

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