Toronto #14

As I begin typing this, it’s only just occurred to me that I’ve been here for over 3 months now. 3 months already? Bloody hell, where does the time go?

During the week, things have been mostly quiet, although once again, like last week, I’ve been completely absorbed by a Red Riding book. “Nineteen Seventy-seven” is a different book overall to the first volume, but still very readable and engrossing. That’s another book I need to review, really.

On Thursday, we had one hell of a snow storm. The snow was so heavy, we got to leave work early, although the traffic was so bad, it took me around 5 hours to get home.


The weekend at least saw much improvement. On Saturday night, I got to see the classic slasher movie Black Christmas. It’s a decent little film that was a great precursor to Halloween a few years later. I’ll write up a more detailed review later, but overall, it was great to watch at the cinema, and I’m really liking The Royal theatre as a place to go to to watch cult classics.

Then, straight after that, I headed down to Cherry Cola’s for MOD Night. It was exactly as awesome as I had hoped. First, two really great MOD bands – Jack the Lads and Blackdog Ballroom – played a great mix of decent original songs and great covers, all fitting the kind of music that I was practically raised on. I heard covers of the Clash, Oasis, the Beatles – essentially, the very best of British. And I was hearing it from two local Toronto bands.

The last part of the night had the DJ play a ton of tunes that got everyone dancing. David Bowie, T-Rex, Blur, Sweet and so many others. Add in a great crowd of seriously happy people who were all clearly enjoying themselves, and overall it was the perfect kind of night that I would have loved to have spent with many of my friends back home, especially my big sister, who would have loved the music being played as much as I did.

It was the strangest feeling, dancing away last night. A tiny part of me was sad that I didn’t have my friends from back home to enjoy it with me. But the rest of me adored it. In some ways, it had been exactly what I had been looking for, and why I came to Toronto in the first place – to push myself further than I had ever done before, to discover cool new places and just dance away to the music, even in just a crowd of complete strangers. Seriously, it was just fucking magic.

The saddest part however is that Cherry Cola’s is actually closing soon. And that’s a real shame, because from just the two nights that I’ve been there, it’s clearly an amazing place. Great music, decent atmosphere, and a great crowd of people. I have no idea where I’m going to go for classic tunes and a great crowd, now. Still, I’m glad that I discovered it at all, even if I only did discover it just before the end.

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