Toronto #16

Whoops! Halfway into the first month of the year already, and I’m only now typing up my first Toronto post of 2017. Where does the time go?

First off, a little rewind to New Year’s weekend. The last night of 2016 was pretty darn fun. Heading out with a housemate to a decent pub that not only served great food, but more importantly, had karaoke, it gave me a great chance to finally sing ‘500 Miles’ and ‘Ballroom Blitz’ for the first time in months. I cannot stress enough how happy I was about that. Add in alcohol and free public transportation, and you’ve got the makings of a great New Year’s.

After that though, honestly, things have been really quiet. December put quite the dint in my finances, for various reasons that I won’t bore you with. Anyway, as a result, the first half of January was super quiet because there wasn’t exactly much money to do anything with. The most I can say I’ve done prior to this weekend was that I finally finished watching The Wire. A darn shame really, as that’s one less show that I have any eps that are ‘new’ for me to watch. Still, it was a darn good final season, at least.

Another problem I had last week was the flu. Spent three days in bed, doing nothing. Couldn’t even read or watch television to keep my mind occupied, it was that difficult to focus on anything other than sleep. Thankfully, it was rather brief, at least.

One problem I’m facing currently is the fact that it looks like I won’t be in my current temporary position for much longer. A little worrying, especially as currently, there’s not much that I had left over from last month. But hopefully, finding work again shouldn’t be too difficult, especially now I’ve got experience in Canada. Anyway, it was facing challenges like this that was one of the reasons why I came out here in the first place. True, I could’ve faced them just as easily in England, but as I might have mentioned before, I’ve been really interested in seeing how far I can go on my own.

On the plus side, things picked up this weekend, at least. While overall, I didn’t get up to too much, I did head to a friend’s small apartment party. Listening to good tunes, getting drunk, chatting with people you know as well as people you don’t. Those are the little things in life to take as much enjoyment out of as you can.

I’ve been quiet lately, but I’ll be sure to have another post next week. There’s one or two things that I’ve been itching to check out around the area, so I’ll be sure to blog about those very, very soon. Until next time!

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