Toronto #18

As the first month of the year draws to a close, I thought another blog update was in order.

I will admit, as far as my personal life is concerned, things are rather quiet right now. With a lot of focus on saving for the next few weeks, my main focus has been reading. After finishing ‘Wolves of the Calla’, I re-read the whole of Black House, a novel co-written by Stephen King and Peter Straub and the second in their “Territories” series. (Here’s hoping King and Straub are still working on the third book in the trilogy that began with The Talisman.)

I’ve been in a real Stephen King mood lately, what with the long awaited Dark Tower movie coming out this year, and it’s reminded me of not just my love of reading, but also my dreams of writing, too. So, since I won’t likely be heading out to Cherry Cola’s this month (seriously, as great as that place is, drinking is definitely one activity that gets expensive real quick, and too expensive when you’re on a budget), I’m thinking focusing a little more on my own writing is in order.

There’s one story I started working on this year, and another that, well, I’ve been trying on and off for far too long. I’ll let you know in next week’s blog how that goes. I’ll also try and see if I can get my hands on Stephen King’s On Writing. Something tells me that’s one book I really need to track down and read if I want to start taking creative writing even remotely seriously.

Outside of my personal life, let’s be honest – it’s been a funny old month, hasn’t it? Trump’s first week as President of the United States was even less than I had hoped for, especially with the ban. Last week, the brilliant acting legend that was Sir John Hurt passed away. And over here in Canada, we had the horrific shootings in Quebec.

As shit as 2016 was, it’s very possible that 2017 could be so much worse. Especially now that Trump’s actually in power. Who knows what could happen this year? Maybe we’ll lose twice as many heroes. Maybe Trump really will reveal the full extent of his insanity in the worst way possible.

For the moment, the only thing we can do is take what we can and enjoy what we can. 2016 was a crap year in general, but personally, if I’m being honest, it was a gloriously life changing year for me. After so many years of making plans and having ideas and just not going through with them (writing a novel only being one of them), I was finally able to make not only my boldest plan, but to actually go through with it. And it’s definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

So whatever it is you want to do – actually really fucking want to do – my best advice is to go through with it. Even if you fuck up, you get the satisfaction that you tried, at least. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when you really want something, something that will make you actually happy, you’d be surprised at how far you’d go to get it. There’s a lot of shit going on in the world right now. For many of us, the best we can do is focus on what’s really important and distract ourselves with our own personal challenges.

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