Toronto #24

It’s been over two weeks since my last blog, but this week’s entry is still going to be a short one. The truth is that things have been rather quiet the past couple of weeks.

Work at least has been going ok. In fact, I joined a few work mates for bowling just the other week. My social anxiety hasn’t been kicking in as much as I thought it would, so I didn’t actually feel like saying no when offered. That’s refreshing, I must admit.

Considering I’ve had plenty of free, quiet time lately, I must admit, I haven’t been reading or writing as much as I should. That’s something I need to fix, I think.

I’ve gotten out and seen a few films, at least. This weekend, I finally got round to seeing John Wick: Chapter 2 and Logan. Both great films. The latter especially was a satisfying end to Logan’s story. You can tell it was made for people who literally grew up with the X-Men movies, and not just because of how amazingly violent it was.

I didn’t go to Toronto Comic-Con last weekend. I had thought about it, but I didn’t have quite as much funds as I’d liked. That’s only partly the reason – I could’ve afforded a ticket at least, just not enough to get any notable souvenirs. The other reason was, after looking at the guest list, there was just no draw for me. No one I recognised from Doctor Who or anything like that.

Honestly, Niagra Falls comic-con in June looks set to be a lot better. Especially with the legend himself, Paul McGann showing up. (If you don’t know already, he’s easily my favourite Doctor, so it would so cool to finally go to a convention with him as one of the guests.) That’s something I need to save up for, I think.

One more point: last week, on Tuesday 14th March, I had officially made it to six months living over here in Canada. I still can’t quite believe it. When I first came here, I was filled with…well, perhaps not “doubts”, as such. Just aware that there were many possible outcomes to me coming over here, a few of which weren’t good. The scariest – because it was the most real one by far – was coming home after only a few months from not finding work and finding out that I really couldn’t make it on my own, after all.

Six months later, I’m settled in at both home and at work, I’ve made a few friends, and I’ve found a few places that I go to regularly. This is really working out even better than I had hoped for, and I look forward to discovering what I can do next.


Toronto #7

I’m sorry to say that, overall, it’s been another quiet one this week, so it’s gonna be another short blog post.

One key update: I’m finally getting interviews. Last week I had two, although I think there’s a few things I need to work on when it comes to my interview technique. Still, I’m just glad that, after a month of applications, the interviews are finally coming in. If I focus enough and truly show how hard working I am in my interviews, I should find a job in no time. (Because seriously, I enjoy working, especially when it’s something I’m good at, but one thing I don’t like about work is actually looking for it.)

Halloween weekend was pretty fun, at least. I got to meet new people (including the biggest fan of The Who that I’ve ever met who was under 50), and I got to have some fun, especially with alcohol and Cards Against Humanity. It reminded me of some of the best times I’ve had back home.

One thing I’m currently missing, especially this time of year: dressing up. I love cosplay, and Halloween is the perfect time for it. Admittedly, usually as the Doctor, but to be fair, it’s always so easy and yet so distinctive. Eleven, Seven and of course, Eight are all incarnations that I’ve dressed up as. However, being someone without a job in a new country who’s left a lot of his old clothes back home has made dressing up considerably more difficult this year. Ah well. At least I’ve brought the Doctor Who waistcoat and bow tie that my best mate gave me.

There is one more thing I’m considering doing in my spare time: National Novel Writing Month. I’ve never done it before, partly because I’ve been stuck for the past several years on a time travel fantasy novel. Both of those aspects have been super difficult to write, however. I think maybe working on another idea could do me some good. Especially as I’ve been rather in the mood lately for occult detective fiction, like the Gabriel Knight series of games, and the movie Angel Heart. (If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. It’s a great, great mix of horror and film noir.)

Fingers crossed I’ll be absolutely brilliant in my next couple of interviews and that I get a job soon, so I can afford to do much more interesting, bloggable stuff, like watching ‘The Power of the Daleks’ at the cinema. I think it’s only a matter of time, now.


Toronto #1

So here I am, a few days after my arrival, and I still can’t quite believe it. Not so much actually being here in Toronto as how surprisingly easy it all was.

It was only less than a year ago when I decided to try and get away from England for a bit and work and live in Canada for at least a year. There were many reasons for this – feeling bolder after trying out improv; being made redundant and realising that there was more to life than work; finally figuring out that life was just too. Damn. Short – but essentially, they all added up to one great big NEED to go, or at least to try.

Amazingly, barely months after applying and obtaining a work permit, and even less time since finally booking the flight, here I am, sitting in Toronto, writing my first blog in what I hope to be the first of many.

Not that there’s a whole lot to write about right now. While I do plan on doing as much as I can and try something new each and every week, the past few days have been mostly about getting set up. Sorting out chargers for my phone and kindle; updating my resume; getting a new Canadian number for my mobile (that last one was especially tricky to sort out, surprisingly). Anything to make the job application process considerably easier.

Today was full of key firsts, perhaps why I’m finally typing something up. I finally got to try out Toronto’s public transport, and it really impressed me. Not just how nicely bus services link with the subway, but also that the buses actually announce what the next stop is! Very refreshing, after years traveling on Southend buses and occasionally having to guess getting off at the correct stop.

Oh, and I also got to try out something very Canadian: sweet food from Tim Horton’s. In this case, an apple pie fritter. Absolutely fucking gorgeous it was, too.

Fingers crossed this will be the first many blogs, with much more interesting things to talk about. In the meantime, whether I succeed at lasting at least a year or fail to find a job before heading back in a few months, holding my head in shame, I’ll always be glad of the fact that I actually did it. That I made it here, that I didn’t back out at the last minute. For that much at least, I’ll always be grateful for.